Why use a gas geyser?

Moving away from electricity to heat the hot water needed for your house or business reduces your energyGas Geysers provide instant hot water

bill as well as the high levels of emissions that burning coal, emit into the atmosphere. Gas is a viable alternative as it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. This means you’re not only saving money on electricity but using a more environmentally friendly fuel, more sustainably.

Installing a gas hot water geyser will provide almost instant savings. This means you start re-couping your initial outlay from day one.


Choosing the right size gas geyser from HSG Distributors:

HSG Distributors are the sole importers and distributors of Paloma Gas Geysers in South Africa. These robust, premium water heaters are best in their class, highly efficient and specifically designed for South African altitude and weather conditions.

There are currently 3 standard sizes available, so the number of rooms and how far apart these rooms are from one another will determine the number and size of hot water heaters required.


There are 2 external models – 20 and 26 and 1 internal model – 27 litres per minute

1 bathroom and 1 kitchen needs a 20l/min Gas Geyser. Click here to read more.

2 bathrooms and 1 kitchen need a 26l/min Gas Geyser. Click here to read more.

3-4 bathrooms and 1 kitchen could use the internal 27l/min Gas Geyser. Click here to read more.

Two 27l/min can be linked together via an EZ Link to provide a back up – 54l/min in total

For further combinations, commercial applications or to discuss your unique needs, please contact us.

Capacity Rating / Flow Rate20l/min @25’C rise26l/min @ 25’C rise27l/min @25’C rise
Gas Consumption (min-max)LPG 0.3 -3.1 kgh
NG 16 -157 MJh
LPG 0.3-3.9 kgh
NG 16-199 MJh
LPG 0.4-4.1 kgh
NG 19-205 MJh
Electrical Consumption59 W @ 240 V59 W @ 240 V67 W @ 240 V
520 x 355 x 188 mm520 x 355 x 188 mm600 x 350 x 215 mm
Weight17 kg17 kg24 kg
Min/Max Flow Rate1.5 – 20 l/min1.5-32 l/min2.0 – 33 l/min
Min Activation
Water Pressure
80 kPa80 kPa10 kPa
Min Water Pressure for
full flow
200 kPa200 kPa140 kPa
Max Water Pressure Input600 kPa600 kPa600 Kpa
Gas & Water Connections3/4 ” or 20 mm3/4 ” or 20 mm3/4 ” or 20 mm
Min / Max Water Temp37 – 75′ Celsius37 – 75′ Celsius37 – 82′ Celsius
Solar ReadyYesYesYes
Max Temp with ControllerKitchen 60’C
Bathroom 50’C
Kitchen 60’C
Bathroom 50’C
Kitchen 60’C
Bathroom 50’C
No of TAps1-2 bathrooms,
1 kitchen
2-3 bathrooms,
1 kitchen
3-4 bathrooms,
1 kitchen
EZ-Link (2 unit with
electronic manifold)
NoNoYes – 54 l/min
4-5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens
ApplicationsDomestic OnlyDomestic OnlyDomestic and Commercial