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Eskabe gas heaters provide a cost effective Gas Space Heating solution for small to medium size rooms. Eskabe Heaters do not use any electrical connections and function using natural convection processes between hot and cold air flows. Eskabe “TT’ model heaters provide greater heat dispersion, Titanium construction and feature battery ignition systems.

The Eskabe heater’s slim design matches any room location. The thermostat function ensures efficiency and comfort whilst the patented aromatiser eliminates odours, keeping rooms fresh and free from moisture. They are easy to install and easy to use. Full of safety features, these gas heaters are great value for money!Eskabe MX8 Gas Heater

Eskabe heaters are differentiated by:

  • The need for vent / flue or vent free / flueless,
  • The physical size and construction of the heater,
  • The heating capacity required or size of room to heat up;
  • How much gas the heater consumes.

Vented or balanced flue

Vented or balanced flue heaters may be installed in any room, but are designed specifically for bedrooms, bathrooms and smaller sized rooms. These heaters need to be installed on an outside wall, as a flue or chimney needs to pass through the wall to vent out burnt gas and to bring in fresh air for the heater’s combustion.

Eskabe has 3 vented options to choose from:

  TB3 Flued TB5 Flued TB3TT Flued TB5TT Flued
Dimensions 51x44x15cm (HxWxD) 51x70x17cm (HxWxD) 51x44x15cm (HxWxD) 51x70x17cm (HxWxD)
Consumption 0.22kgh/
21 MJ/hr
13 MJ/hr
21 MJ/hr
Heating Capacity 20 – 28 m2 30 – 40 m2 25 – 34 m2 35 – 50 m2
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Vent free or flueless

Vent Free or flueless gas heaters may be installed in larger rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms, passageways and studys and small offices, small open plan offices and home offices  (not to be installed in bedrooms or small living areas).

Eskabe has 3 vent free options to choose from:

  MX5 Flueless MX8 Flueless MX8TT Flueless
Dimensions 51x44x15cm (HxWxD) 51x70x17cm (HxWxD) 51x70x17cm (HxWxD)
Consumption 0.4kgh/
21 MJ/hr
31 MJ/hr
31 MJ/hr
Heating Capacity 25 – 30 m2 45 – 60 m2 50 – 66 m2
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Standard Eskabe Gas Heater Safety Features:

External bulb sensor: externally mounted sensing system which regulates power to keep the desired temperature constant in the room thus saving gas.
Thermostatic control: Thermostatic models feature a control knob to adjust the room temperature. You set the temperature you like and the thermostat will cycle the burner on and off to maintain the room temperature. This minimises gas usage and maximises your comfort.
Monoxiprotector: as combustion products discharge this safety device acts to prevent the release of combustion products into the room under abnormal draught conditions.
Safety valve: device that shuts off the gas supply to the appliance, in case a pilot burner or gas supply failure occurs.
Oxygen depletion sensor: the built in OSDPilot monitors the room oxygen level and automatically shuts off the gas supply to the appliance if the oxygen level decreases.
Sealed combustion chamber for vented models:  The sealed combustion chamber ensures safe performance by separating the heated air from the combustion gases, which are expelled outside.

Eskabe Titanium Range Features:

Eskabe Titanium

 Eskabe Titanium 3 directions of heat movement Heat dispersion: The Titanium models feature a unique and exclusive heat output system with heat moving in 3 directions.
Electric Ignition: Battery operation means no need for electricity and the heater always turns on.  Eskabe Electric Ignition
 Eskabe Thermostat Thermostat: Room temperature is controlled in degree increments, this allows the desired temperature to be easily maintained, which also saves gas.
Room Aromatiser: A few drops of essential oil can be added to the water in the aromatiser compartment to perfume the room, eliminating odours and keeping room free from moisture.  Eskabe Room Aromatizer
 Eskabe Smooth Sleep Smooth Sleep: Titanium models with vents or flues come with a sleep function. This system reduces the noise from the combustion chamber to ensure a more peaceful night’s sleep.

All Eskabe heaters meet SABS and LPGASA approval for use in South Africa.

Installation of gas appliances need to be done by a qualified gas installer. You can find a natural gas installer on the Egoli website www.egoligas.co.za or an LPG installer from the LP Gas website www.lpgas.co.za


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