In South Africa, the main types of gas used for heating and cooking in our homes and businesses is LPG and Natural Gas or Mains Gas.

LPG or Liquified Petroleum GasLPG Bottle

LPG is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases also called propane or butane. It is almost entirely derived during the refining of petroleum. LPG can be used for space heating, water heating, cooking, commercial applications and powering vehicles.

LPG is normally supplied in pressurised steel bottles or LPG gas cylinders. There are various sizes and the length of time they last depends on how often you use the gas and what for.

LPG is more efficient than traditional fuels and is more environmentally friendly. It is a great option if you cannot get piped or natural gas to your home or office.

Who Supplies LPG in Johannesburg?


LP Gas Dealers need to be registered with the LP Gas Safety Association. They purchase gas from the gas refineries under wholesale licences and distribute it through their network of customer facing retail outlets. You can view a list of the registered dealers and their contact details here on the LP Gas website.

How do I get LPG at my home or business?

Go to the SAQCC Gas website: and click on one of the search criteria to look for a Registered Installer your area or click here