What is Natural Gas?

Natural Gas StoveNatural Gas is a fossil fuel formed of the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. The remains, called organic were compressed beneath layers of mud and sand to form rocks. As the pressure of the heat increased from the rocks above, they were gradually changed into oil and gas. This change took millions of years and explains why today we often find oil and natural gas together.

After the Natural Gas is formed it will try to find its way to the surface of the seabed or ground. Should it not be able to escape it will become trapped in the folds of rock beneath the surface. This is where the geologists find it.

Natural Gas is colourless, odourless and shapeless in its pure form and highly combustable. When burned, it gives off a lot of energy but few emissions; this is what makes it so valuable…

Why is Natural Gas Better?

When Natural Gas is burnt to make electricity, the amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) produced is much less than when we us oil or coal to make electricity.

Natural Gas is possibly the cleanest burning fossil fuel around.

Who Supplies Natural Gas in Johannesburg?

Egoli Gas LogoEgoli Gas supply Natural Gas to homes and SME’s in the Johannesburg area

How do I get Natural Gas at my home or business?

  1. Check if your have an existing outlet
  2. Call Egoli Gas on  to find out if there is Natural Gas in you area.
  3. Book an installation of the meter by Egoli
  4. Contact a gas appliances supplier to decide which gas appliances are right for you
  5. Contact a gas installer to bring the gas into your home or business

What can gas be used for?

– Space heating – heating rooms in your home or office.
– Hot water – providing hot water to your kitchens and bathrooms.
– Swimming Pool Heating.
– Restaurants – baking, cooking, grilling, cleaning.
– Washing – heating water to your washing machine, to power your washing machine.
– During industrial and commercial processes to produce energy, make cars, clothing, bricks, bread and many other things we use everyday!

I can smell gas? Do I have a Gas Leak?

Naturally, gas is odourless so a small amount of sulphur is added to Natural Gas so that it smells like rotten eggs.

Should you smell gas you should report it to Egoli Gas on 011 726 4702.

First you need to detect the gas leak – what you find:

– A smell of rotten eggs
– A hazy cloud, light mist or fog
– White marks on the ground where the earth has been discoloured
– Vegetation has died or is discoloured
– Small bubbles are escaping from water or wet ground
– Hissing, whistling or droning sound.

Take the following steps:

  1. Stop the gas supply by shutting the gas valve at the main supply;  Gas Ball Valves
  2. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room well;
  3. Do not use any open flames, electrical appliances or switches;
  4. Evacuate all people from the areal
  5. Go outside and call Egoli Gas immediately on 011 726 4702.