Thinking of getting a Paloma Remote Controller?

Why do I need Paloma Remote Controller?

It just makes sense!

A Temperature Controller helps save you even more money, water and energy!

Your Paloma Gas Geyser is pre-set to a maximum temperature and this is the temperature your water will always reach. Should it stay at the factory setting of 60’C, you will always need to use additional cold water to ‘cool it down’. However the remote controller allows you to change the maximum temperature and in addition, the bath fill function allows you to have an additional maximum temperature, that maybe used in certain circumstances – like running a bath for kids or restricting shower times.

How does Paloma’s remote controller save energy?

You can set the ‘bath fill’ temperature to an ambient temperature. When set at the ambient temperature the water is quickly heated up to that temperature and no time is wasted trying to adjust the hot and cold taps to reach the desired warmth.  The water is no ‘over-heated’ and then cooled again with the cold water.

How does Paloma’s remote controller save water?

By using the ‘bath fill’ function you can set how many litres a person should use when they shower or bath. Once this amount of water has been used, the deluxe controller will shut off the water supply, while the standard controller will beep to inform you – no more wasteful showers or large baths!

As the ambient water temperature is set by the controller – absolutely NO COLD water is required as the temperature is exactly right every time.

Should you use your bath fill function for showering or bathing, you can leave the everyday temperature slightly higher to be used in the kitchen, when warmer water is normally required. When this water is used it is usually in much smaller quantities so only a small amount of water and gas will be used!

Paloma Deluxe Controller Closed

A Paloma Temperature Controller can only be used by a Paloma Gas Geyser – either 1 per geyser or 1 per 2 of the same geysers joined by EZ-Link (Two x 27l only.)

There are 3 types of controllers in South Africa. These units can be bought to retrofit directly from our website or when purchasing your Paloma Geyser – make sure you ask your installer for one!

Bath FillYesYesYes
Voice PromptNoNoYes
Auto Hot Water Cut OffNoNoYes
Beep When FullYesYesYes
Max Temp Setting60’C50’C50’C