Gas Heater

Gas Heaters Lady in LoungeLooking for an option to heat space in your home or office?  Why not consider a gas powered space heater? It uses gas, which means it is cheaper to run than electric heaters, heats up a large area faster and is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

There are a range of gas heaters, available in both LPG and Natural Gas, that are both safe and efficient. To be considered a “Safe Appliance” in South Africa the heaters need to pass the Gas Safety standards measurements set by LPGASA and SAPGA.

Both LPG and Natural Gas type heaters may need an installation depending on the size of the heater, size of area to heat, room being used in and the safety standards it has passed for. You are always advised to seek advice when thinking of purchasing a gas appliance.

HSG Distributors were the sole importers of the Paloma gas space heater range. This range has now been discontinued but should your unit need a service, please contact us or your gas installer.

From 2021 HSG Distributors will be the importers of the Supaheat II LPG and Natural gas model of Bromic Gas Heaters.

Read more about our Eskabe, Bromic and Paloma brands of gas heaters by clicking on the logos below

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