Annual Gas Heater Maintenance

Maintaining your gas heater

To prolong the life of your gas heater and ensure it is operating at its optimum, it is important to maintain and clean it regularly and after a prolonged period of time, to have it serviced.

All Gas heaters come with maintenance guidelines. Heaters that have blockages or have dirty filters may not work properly or efficiently. A gas heater that does not work efficiently may use more energy and cost you more, to run. Always check the website or the owner’s manual that comes with the appliance for information on how to maintain your gas heater.

There are gas heaters that can produce dangerous gas emissions and Carbon monoxide.

People exposed to CO Gas could get symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning such as headaches, dizziness, weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, confusion etc

It is always advisable to have good ventilation when using a gas heater – especially when the heater does not come installed with a vent or flue.

Vented or flued gas heaters are usually installed in bedrooms or bathrooms to ensure that the combusted air is expelled out. This is why a ventless or flueless gas heater CANNOT be installed in bedrooms or bathrooms. Heaters that do not have a flue or a vent may be installed in larger living areas or open plan areas, but you should still ensure there is adequate ventilation to circulate the air and to bring in fresh air.

Check the website for your gas heating appliance for instructions on how to maintain and clean your gas heater yourself. Bromic is available here, Eskabe maintenance and cleaning info is here and Paloma care manuals are here.

Contact HSG Distributors should you need the name of a qualified service centre near you for further assistance.

Bromic Supaheat II Gas Heater

Winter Gas Heaters

HSG Distributors are offering 2 brands of vent free or flueless gas heaters for winter 2023 – Eskabe and Bromic. Both of these heaters come in LPG or Natural Gas versions.

The Eskabe MX5 and MX8 are wall-mounted heaters; ideal for room sizes 25 – 30 and 45 – 60 sqm, respectively. They can only be installed in living or open-plan areas.

The Bromic SupaHeat II is a ‘portable’ heater capable of heating areas of 46 – 60 sqm.

Portable heaters can be disconnected from your gas supply point in 1 room and moved to a different gas supply point in another living space or, disconnected and stored away during the summer months.

Bromic gas heaters use battery ignition and Eskabe gas heaters use piezo ignition, so no electricity is required – just your installed gas supply points.

Please contact your local gas registered gas installer to assist you.

Getting Connected to Natural Gas

Natural Gas from Egoli Gas

Why make the switch to Natural Gas?

There are many reasons to switch to Natural Gas, if it is available in your area:

Save Energy and Money – Natural gas is more efficient than many other energy sources. Depending on the appliances you choose and how you use your gas, you may reduce your monthly power costs by up to 50%. Certain gas appliances have no pre-heating requirement – it’s instantaneous and cost saving.

Reliable Supply – Egoli Natural Gas is piped directly to your home or business 24/7. They offer reliable energy even when your neighbourhood has power black-outs. Gas is an environmentally friendly, natural energy on tap – all the time. The flow of gas is constant and doesn’t “run out”.

When it’s off, it’s off – Unlike electricity, when you turn your gas valve off, it really is off – which means it’s safe and you save money.

Environmentally friendly – Natural Gas reduces the greenhouse effect, which is a main cause of global warming. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel releasing 45% less carbon dioxide into the air.

Safe – Natural Gas is colourless, soot-less and sulphur free. Strict adherence to pipeline inspections and safety checks ensure the safe, consistent flow of natural gas. It is lighter than air and disperses upward when leaked.

Why would I use gas?

Gas can be used for heating, cooling, drying or lighting your home because it performs more effectively, efficiently and economically, than many other energy sources.  As Natural gas has lower carbon emissions, it is more environmentally friendly.

Where can I use gas?

You can use Natural Gas for your fireplace, oven hob or stove, lights, to heat your hot water, braai grill, to heat your home, drying and air conditioning.

How do I get connected to Egoli Gas?

In the first instance contact Egoli Gas’s customer service department on 011 365 5000. An Egoli Gas representative will then visit your home to discuss your requirements and then you will be sent a quote.  Further information can be found on

Why should I use Egoli Gas?

“Natural gas is cost effective, environmentally, instant and safe.”

  • Effectively piping gas since 1892.
  • 1200km of gas line network.
  • Supplies the greater Johannesburg metro area.
  • Egoli Gas does not “run out”.
  • There are no unsightly, bulky bottles and tanks.
  • No delivery problems and no discrepancies in quality.
  • No storage tanks, pick up, ordering or transportation is required


Get Connected to Egoli Gas

Call 011 365 5000





References: Egoli Gas pamphlet 2019

New Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor

Are you looking for ways to cut your electricity bill? Whenever you want to measure something you need to know where you are starting from. In order to reduce your electricity consumption you need to start with your electricity bill and an understanding of the electricity used to get to the figure on it. The efergy Wireless Energy Monitor helps you calculate how much energy you use and shows you the effect of your efforts by minute, hour, day and month. These values can be compared to your monthly bill and may even even help identify irregularities.

The e2 Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor comes with software so that you can plot the changes in graphical format, which makes it easier to see the reduction over time.

Efergy Wireless Energy Monitors are available from HSG Distributors