Bromic Supaheat II Gas Heater

Winter Gas Heaters

HSG Distributors are offering 2 brands of vent free or flueless gas heaters for winter 2023 – Eskabe and Bromic. Both of these heaters come in LPG or Natural Gas versions.

The Eskabe MX5 and MX8 are wall-mounted heaters; ideal for room sizes 25 – 30 and 45 – 60 sqm, respectively. They can only be installed in living or open-plan areas.

The Bromic SupaHeat II is a ‘portable’ heater capable of heating areas of 46 – 60 sqm.

Portable heaters can be disconnected from your gas supply point in 1 room and moved to a different gas supply point in another living space or, disconnected and stored away during the summer months.

Bromic gas heaters use battery ignition and Eskabe gas heaters use piezo ignition, so no electricity is required – just your installed gas supply points.

Please contact your local gas registered gas installer to assist you.

Bromic supaheat II

NEW! Bromic Supaheat II Gas Heaters in stock for winter 2021!

For winter of 2021, we have added the Bromic Supaheat II portable gas heater to our product range!

This Bromic heater provides an efficient and effective indoor heating solution for all types of living spaces (excluding bedrooms and bathrooms) as well as small office or home office working spaces.

Similar to the Paloma gas heater, the Bromic Supaheat II can be easily connected to an installed quick release adaptor in your home or office. It is quick and easy to disconnect and move to another room. This is a great feature as not only is it portable for winter but it means the heater can easily be stored away during the warmer months!

Approved by the Australian and South Africa’s LPG Gas Associations, the Supaheat II has a six-star efficiency rating and Does Not require any electrical power for operation, igniting using a battery controlled system

With its silver-grey finish, the Supaheat II utilises natural convection heating to heat up to 60 sqm effectively and efficiently with its 5.9 out of 6 star rating. This rating provides for very high heat output in relation to gas consumption, meaning lower running costs!

Features include:

  • Easy battery ignition – not electricity required
  • Flame failure safety Device
  • A 2 step heat control for low or high settings
  • Safety tilt switch should unit get knocked over or tilted
  • Oxygen depletion sensor
  • Available for use with Natural Gas or LPG
  • 9 Energy Star rating

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