The Paloma Gas Heater range for both Natural Gas and LPG

Paloma LogoPaloma’s gas heaters are manufactured in Japan to the highest standards of safety engineering for Japan, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, China, Singapore and Vietnam. All manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 or 14001 certified.

Like Rinnai’s Avenger 25 and 516, the Paloma Gas Heater is a portable, high power unit that boasts the highest efficiency of gas usage and lowest emission levels, in its class.

This high output unit requires an electrical input, consuming only 31 watts enables it to heat up to 204 m3!!

Supplied with extra length gas piping, the heater can be moved about the living room area to get maximum warmth. The versatility of the Paloma Space Heater means it can be easily disconnected from the quick release plug point (Buy online here) and moved to alternative living room plug points or stored away during the summer months. They are available in 3 colours – off white, silver and charcoal.

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The thermostatic gas value has 7 stages which reduce gas use as room temperature increases, making it the class leader in domestic gas heating.

These units comply with South African safety standards for use with Natural Gas and LPG. This compliance ensures the validity of your insurance in any unlikely event.

About Paloma’s Gas Heaters

Low Emission Technology

All Paloma Gas Heaters use the latest burner technology to give the lowest emissions in each class


All Paloma models are tested priors to leaving the factory, so that when you receive it, it is ready to go! The Paloma range of convection gas heaters come with a 1 year warranty but to keep them in tip top shape you are advised to have your heater serviced at least every few winters – contact us to book a service

Energy Efficient

All Paloma gas heaters are extremely efficient and are rated to 5.9 stars. The more efficient an energy appliance is, the less energy you will need and the more money you will save!

Additional Features:

  • Fast heat up time
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight – which helps with storing during summer

Convection features:

  • Low standby power
  • Additional safety feature – heater cuts off after 8 hours continuous running
  • Automatic economy function
  • Remote control
  • Pre-heat function – can start up to 1 hour before the set times – you could have your living room timed to be warm for when you get home from work!

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